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GEORGIA PLUME Prophetic Music

Georgia Plume
is the psalmist name for Paula Gilbert.  To read the Georgia Plume story, please visit this WordPress link: The Georgia Plume Story

When Georgia plays live, she doesn't rehearse or premedidate what she will play beforehand, except for an occasional song or two that she might remix. She receives her spontaneous music, lyrics and prophecies via download from Heaven. This spontaneous music is a new thing that God is doing in His Church right now; He is moving His people by the Holy Spirit to prophesy through music as the prophets and psalmists in the Bible did.  This form of worship is a fresh new way for God to speak to His Bride or to anyone who is listening. Although traditional hymns and written songs are beautiful, timeless, and needful because they most certainly edify and benefit the Body of Christ, spontaneous prophetic worship is an exciting musical journey that assists us in being still before God and entering into His glorious presence. It's a fresh way to lift our spirits to Him as we meditate on His holiness and anticipate what He wishes to communicate to us. This type of prophetic music requires no knowledge of lyrics or demand to sing along. Rather, it encourages listeners to engage in personal rather than corporate worship as they dialogue with God one-on-one and sing their own heart song to Him.

If you would like to experience this type of praise and worship by having Georgia Plume play a spontaneous prophetic session at your church locally in Florida, please contact us at: Georgia will play free of charge.

Please remember that music has many moods.  Therefore, her songs are anywhere from peaceful (for soaking in God's presence and meditating on Him and His Word) to upbeat (for engaging in spiritual warfare before the heavenly throne, or dancing prophetically with flags of victory, for instance). There is a time and a season for all things.

Update: Georgia Plume is no longer doing prophetic worship at OHOP (Orlando House of Prayer) in the 24/7 prayer room. She is taking time to be with her family and complete projects, as well as seek direction for the future. However, here are some of the testimonials from people who listened to her music:


Last night while you were ministering I felt the fire of God over me. Thank You." 
--Sandra T. from Orlando

"Loved hearing your music...You just put everything over the top! What a Blessing! With Your music you helped put me where I needed to be. Hope to hear more from you... Thanks!"
--Carol M. from Paisley

"Awesome! Praise God for your music and you!"
--Toni D from Paisley

"I feel like so much of what you sang and spoke was directly to my heart, like pricking at my heart."
--L.C., Orlando

"You sang about the very thing we were discussing on our radio show this morning!"
--Catrice W., Davenport

"As soon as you began to play, I saw a vision of ribbons coming down from Heaven and locking in [to the keyboard].  All you have to do is play one are are a different kind of drink."
--OHOP Prayer Room Visitor

"You are not scripted. Your music is powerful."
OHOP Prayer Room Visitor

"Whenever I come in here, it's like..." [makes slain in the Spirit motion] "I appreciate your ministry. You are spot-on."
HOP Prayer Room Worship Leader

"You sang of the wilderness, and it was exactly what I was going through. Thank you."
--OHOP Staff Member, Healing Room

YouTube Video Testimony of Woman Healed While Paula/Georgia was Singing (click this title)

Also, you can check out Georgia's Sound Cloud page to listen to her audio streaming:

Stay tuned to Georgia's SoundCloud channel for more ambient soaking music like the music she played at OHOP. Now that she has the time, she'll be recording new songs.