In Union With God Ministries    Pastors Jay and Paula Gilbert 



 This is the generation of those who seek Him,
who seek Your face, O God of Jacob. Selah.

 (Psalm 24:6) MKJV

We have a heart  for mentoring people--especially young people, because the youth of today need to know they are not without purpose on this earth; they all have a unique gifting and calling from the great "I Am."  God  is able to do all things, taking even the most broken vessel and making it into something beautiful. We recognize the importance of training up disciples in both sound doctrine and experiential relationship with their Father God, so they are equipped with both spirit and truth. Jesus is raising up a mighty army. Are you ready?

Mission Statement:

In Union With God Ministries is dedicated to winning souls for God's glorious kingdom through preaching and other forms of evangelism, through missions, teaching, and prophecy. We reach out to the lost and hurting, because JESUS tells us to do so! We believe the Holy Spirit wants to use each and every believer in Christ to manifest God's presence here on earth, by granting spiritual gifts and signs and wonders in the Name of the only begotten Son of Yahweh: Yeshua/JESUS.

And they went forth, and preached every where, 
the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.  (Mark 16:20)

Why We Preach the Gospel

First, let it be known that we are not "HATE" preachers as some might be. We love people, and that's why we want all people to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Like every gifted and called Christian, we've been refined by God in our gifting as we continue to grow in grace and knowledge...and love. Our approach has changed over the years, but we will never abandon the preaching of the gospel as some "old school Hell fire and brimstone idea that doesn't save people." Why? Because we've seen the results! We're not talking about 5000 or more at one time giving their lives to the gospel right there on the spot with a "repeat after me" prayer. Although we have initiated "repeat after me prayers," and still do at times, remember that not everyone who says these prayers in a big gathering goes on to live the crucified life of a Christian or even continues on with Christ for a week--much less a lifetime--after that confession. So we're talking about planting seeds, watering seeds, and making sure the truth is not diluted. Signs and wonders are great--and we need them--but if we never speak about sin and repentance, we have a defective gospel--unbalanced and therefore untrue.

Regardless of whether the new breed of Christians embrace street preaching or not, we have seen too many lives impacted by the preaching of the gospel to be disgusted with its practice. Although open air preachers come from many different denominational backgrounds and differ in their methods of evangelism, we are firm believers in NOT diluting the gospel for the sake of "not offending" people. As in days gone by, we side with the multitude of preachers who paved the way before us with the good news of the gospel: the news that people are lost, broken, hurting, dead in their sins, headed for Hell, and in need of a Savior to restore them to an intimate relationship with their Creator God, who loves them madly and gave His life to prove it. Despite recent popular movies in the charismatic arena that frown on street preaching as an effective method of Christian outreach and only have a one-sided argument of why it's so unpalatable (PLEASE DON'T PUT US ALL IN A BOX!), we preach the gospel with signs and wonders following. We operate in the prophetic, healing, words of knowledge, etc. But we aren't ashamed to pass out tracts and raise our voice (people have been saved by gospel tracts, you know (including Jay Gilbert), and the preaching of the gospel draws listeners who can then be ministered to one-on-one--if they're in the mood to talk--because some simply want to stand by and hear the Word of God preached, especially since there is such a famine for the Word of God these days! During the years of our evangelistic outreach, we have seen lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As a result of the preaching and one-on-one witnessing, people have rededicated their lives to the Lord, been saved and filled with His Holy Spirit, and healed from various ailments as the power of God touched them. Others have received direction and guidance through words of knowledge, prophecies and pastoral counsel/teaching .

" You must learn to love the cross. He who does not love the cross, does not love the things of God."

-Jeanne Guyon

from the book: Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ
copyright MCMLXXV; Gene Edwards


ACTIVATE was a great day! Several speakers/teachers (including Jay Gilbert) expressed their hunger to see more of God's power displayed through evangelism with signs and wonders following.  They taught believers how to make this possible--by activating their true identity and inheritance in Him. Christians were encouraged and edified as they heard the personal experiences/testimonies of these speakers. After each session, those who attended the conference went out to "the marketplace" to put their faith and newly acquired knowledge into action. They stepped out of their comfort zone with amazing results as they saw people healed, counseled, and even baptized with the Holy Spirit! In summary, these ACTIVATE participants received words of knowledge, prophecies, healings, and tongues and interpretations from the Lord to share with those they  ministered to, just as 1Corinthians 12:7-11 and Mark 15:15-18 promise.


Thank you and your wife so much for pouring into my life in such a short time on Saturday. Since that day, I have prayed for 3 different people. Granted, 2 were at church on Sunday and 1 at work today. That is something before that I would have just brushed off--(the need)--and prayed on my own in my head. I had told this girl at work yesterday about what happened Saturday. So, when I saw her this morning, her face was slightly swollen and appeared as if allergies were taking her over, but she didn't know what the problem was. She said, "I think I need your healing hands to touch me." I thought for a split second (as there were other co-workers near by), and thought to myself, What do I have to lose? (which is what I learned this weekend). So I went over to her, put my hands on her face, and prayed right there in the PT gym. I went about my work and happened to walk in later and she said, "You know what I just realized as I saw you? The problem I was having before hasn't bothered me since you prayed for me." Praise God. I am so thankful for that conference and thankful that you and your wife chose to be there!! This is a HUGE step for me. Thanks again!